1. Certificate-Ram-SoniThe Great Debate 2016 in the 17th June 2016 at the Royal Collage of Surgeons of England Organised by Imperial Collage Landon (6 Credits for CPD Purposes)
  2. ram-soni-certificate
    The Great Debate 2015

    New concept in Moderate –to-severe Osteoarthritis treatment . 3.5.16. By Web MD Global . LLC USA. 0.25CPD credit.

  3. The Great Debate: Conference on hip and Knee Replacement Arthroplasty at Imperial College London . 18th- 19th June 2015.
  4. Pune Knee Course 2014. At Marriott 25th- 26th April 2014.
  5. 15th E F O R T Orthopaedic conference in partnership with British Orthopaedic association in London 4th to 6 th June 2014.
  6. Basic shoulder Arthroscopy and arthroscopic Bankart repair cadaveric course,HIHT Jolly Grant , Dehradun 15th Feb 2014.
  7. The Great Debate: optimizing the Outcomes of Hip and Knee arthroplasty; Mermaid Conference centre London.20-21 June 2013. 9.5 CME.
  8. Locking nailing Training ( Gamma 3 / T2 ) with Dr Gilbert Taglang, and participated in the workshops session held at the School of Anatomy. Strasbourg. FRANCE. 11th – 12th April 2013.
  9. Advanced Orthopaedics: trauma and reconstruction. Orthofix course.  Verona, Italy, 11th – 13th March 2013.
  10. Anterior minimally invasive surgery in THR. AMIS  advances in arthroplasty. Newport. UK. 29th – 30th Oct 2012.
  11. New frontiers in foot and Ankle surgery.  Royal society of Medicine, Queen Elizabeth Hospital London. 12th July 2012.
  12. The Great Debate/ Optimising the Outcome of Hip and Knee Arthroplasty. Imperial College London. 29th – 30th June 2012.
  13. Revision knee , Learning centre, Hamburgh Germany . Accredited 12 CME points .   on 22nd  to 23rd Feb 2012.
  14. Acetabular science and technology workshop . Imperial college MSK lab , Charring cross hospital London . 2.12.11
  15. Wexham Foot and Ankle trauma course . 7th Oct 2011.  at Wexham Park hospital. Slough . Berkshire . SL2 4HL
  16. 4th  Annual meeting of Royal London Hospital Orthopaedic and trauma society. 1st July 2011, At Kensington Roog Gardens London.
  17. Current concept of Foot and ankle fracture management : 1 – 3 December 2010. Selzach, Switzerland.
  18. M.I.S. Anterolateral approach in hip arthroplasty ( Fitmore femoral stem ) with cadaveric dissection, Zimmer institute surgical skill course: at centre universitaire des Saints Peres Rue des Saints Peres F-75270 . PARIS on 13/10.2010- 14/10/2010
  19. The Finsbury Knee Meeting, Chandos House, Royal society of Medicine, London. 26/06/09
  20. Trauma Symposium. wexham Park Hospital. Slough. SL2 4HL. 12.6.09 – 13.6.09
  21. Hip Resurfacing  course and workshop at Finsbury Orthopaedic Education LEATHERHEAD. Surrey. KT22 0BE. On 31.03.09
  22. A.P.O.S. ( Asia pacific Orthopaedic symposium )  from 19th to 23rd June 07. at Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel Bangkok ( Thailand) on “Advances in Hip and Knee arthroplasty” including one day symposium and work shop on resurfacing hip arthroplasty.
  23. M.I.S ( Minimally invasive surgery ) Total hip replacement. 31/01/07 – 01/02/07. Paris. ( France)
  24. A.O. course- Advances in operative fracture management, Davos. Switzerland.  10th to 15th Dec 06
  25. Hip resurfacing workshop 5th Dec 06. Finsbury Orthopaedics Ltd. Surrey. KT22 7BA
  26. Osteoporosis Expert forum , Progress in osteoporosis care. 24th -25th Nov 06. Valencia, SPAIN
  27. The Vienna hip resurfacing course ( Using anatomical specimens). Medical university of VIENNA Austria.  10th Nov 06.
  28. Poster presentation in European Orthopaedic research society Meeting in Bologna Italy. 8th  &  9th June o6.  Static external fixation for distal radius fractures: A radiological evaluation.
  29. Attended Italian Orthopaedic research society meeting in Bologna Italy on 07.06.06.
  30. Verona trauma and reconstruction course in Verona Italy 15th &  16th May 06.
  31. A case report presented in the same meeting.
  32. 3rd Annual meeting of BOSA ( British Orthopaedic specialist association) at Wrightington hospital wigan Lancs . 25.04.06. ( 6 CME points).
  33. NCCG doctors, past present and future at Royal college of physicians in London. 28.3.06 ( 5 CPD points)
  34. Montreaux Switzerland. 2nd  and 3rd  Dec 05.
  35. Osteoporosis expert forum. Facing the challenges in osteoporosis therapy.
  36. British Orthopaedic association. Annual congress, International convention centre, Birmingham 20th to 23 rd Sept 05. (23 credits)
  37. Edinburgh International trauma symposium. 17, 18, and 19th Aug 05  ( 18 CME )
  38. MIS Instructional Course (Minimally invasive total knee replacement) Stolzalpe  GRAZ Austria. 30th March – 1st April 05.
  39. Advanced Knee Replacement at The Royal College of Surgeons of England. 11th March 05. (5 CME points)
  40. Oxford Unicompartmental knee Advanced Instructional Course. 2nd- 3rd Feb 05. Norfolk & Norwich Hospital, UK
  41. Knee navigation instructional course ( Stryker) Duisburg / Germany 4th and 5th Nov 04.
  42. Annual congress British Orthopaedic association Manchester 14th to 17th Sept. 04  (25 CME points) (Including medicolegal seminar on 14/09/04 on The Woolf reform, informed consent and expert witness etc)
  43. 3rd Annual Bi contact athroplasty symposium. Belfry hotel Midland. 24th June 04. (4 CME points)
  44. British Orthopaedic specialists Association, annual meeting at BMA house London. 15th June 04. (5 CME points)
  45. The latest advances & controversies in Knee and hip Surgery. Billesley Manor Hotel, Stratford upon Avon. 24th & 25th March 04.  (10 CME points).
  46. Instructional course in Knee arthroplasty. The Ark Conference centre Basingstoke, UK. 13th & 14th Feb 04.
  47. 2nd annual bicontact arthroplasty  symposium, Beltonwood hotel Grantham. 26th June 03. ( 3 CME ) UK.
  48. Optetrak knee replacement  system, 2nd National knee meeting Worcester, 18th-19th June 03
  49. Advances in arthroplasty for younger Pts, 27th-28th March 03. Stratford upon Avon. (5 and half CME)
  50. Debates about hip replacement, Bristol 7th-8th Nov 02 ( 9 CME Points)
  51. Edinburgh international trauma symposium, 14th-16th Aug 02 (18 CMEpoints)
  52. Advanced life support course Post graduate centre Scunthorpe, 12.8.02
  53. Fondaparinux EFFECTIVE study investigators meeting, Salzburg, Austria ( 2 CME points)
  54. Revision hip surgery, R.C.S. London 19-20th March 02 ( 13 CME points)
  55. Challenges in locking nailing. Royal college of Surgeons, London. 14.11.01 (7 CME credits)
  56. 12th Advanced course and BOA annual congress Birmingham.  11th to 14th Sept  01. ( 25 CME points )
  57. Advanced techniques in Arthroscopic surgery of the Knee. Royal college of Surgeons of England, London. 9th- & 10th Jan 2001. (12 CME points)
  58. Reading shoulder surgery course, University of Reading Berks. From 16th to 18th Sept 2000. (19 CME points)
  59. International Arthroplasty symposium, Wrightington Hospital, Wigan Lancs. From 25th June to 27th June 2000 (21 CME points)
  60. 29th Instructional course BRITISH ORTHOPAEDIC ASSOCIATION Stafford upon Avon Warwickshire 8th and 9th Jan 2000. (13 CME points)
  61. A.T.L.S. course at Kings Mill centre for health care services. Sutton in Ashfield. Notts NG 17 4JL. 22nd, 23, and 24th of Sept 99. SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED. (19 CME points)
  62. Current controversies in Orthopaedic trauma. 20.5.99 to 21.5.99. (14 C.M.E. points)
  63. Shoulder surgery course, Reading university, Reading. 25th to 27th March 97.
  64. International conference on Orthopaedic trauma. Manchester. 28th to 30th March 96.
  65. Debates about hip replacement, Bristol 19th and 20th Nov 93.
  66. International Knee symposium Nottingham. 15th and 16th Oct 93.
  67. Advanced course for consultants and trainees, Orthopaedics and sports. Harrogate. 10th and 11th March 93.
  68. B.O.A. meeting  London. 9.9.92.to 11.9.92.
  69. Advanced instructional course, B.O.A.  Jersey C.I.  25.3.92. to 27.3.92.
  70. Shepperd workshop, Percutaneous lumber discectomy, Sheffield. 24.1.92.
  71. Advanced course in arthroscopic surgery. Droitwich, Worcs. 8.6.91.to 9.6.91.
  72. Instructional  course lecture, B.O.A.  London. 5-6.1.91.
  73. Instructional course and scientific Meeting, British society for surgery of hand. 31.10.90.to 2.11.90.
  74. Biomechanics and workshop on knee ligaments, Leeds. 16.9.89.
  75. Problems of upper limb, R.C.S. Edinburgh. 5.3.85.
  76. National instructional spinal course, Liverpool. 14.11.84.to 16.11.84.
  77. B.O.A. Meeting, London. 26.9.84 to 28.9.84
  78. Children’s Hip disorders Glasgow Royal Hospital for sick children, 10.4.84
  79. Instructional course lecture, B.O.A.  London. 7th and 8th Jan 84.
  80. Diagnostic and Operative arthroscopy workshop, Stobhill General Hospital, Glasgow. 18.7.83.
  81. Basic intensive course on fracture treatment ( with special reference to AO/ ASIF technique) Royal college of Surgeons  London. 29.6.83 to 1.7.83.
  82. Post – graduate course on Tumourous conditions of the Musculo-skeletal system, Bristol. 10.3.83 to 12.3.83.
  83. Paediatric Orthopaedics and Allied topics, University of Liverpool. 22nd to 25th Feb 1983.
  84. Instructional course lecture, British Orthopaedic Association, London from 8th and 9th Jan 83.
  85. A special training in peripheral vascular surgery at Bombay Hospital Bombay, as a research scholar, sponsored by the University grant commission from 10.6.76 to 30.6.76.