40% of all disorders and diseases relates to musculoskeletal system. Body posture is therefore important in any occupation.   Person has to adopt a posture that is most comfortable and least stressful for musculoskeletal system and for body as a whole;   be it at work, sports, or leisure activities.  One has to adopt correct working position.

Chairs and work table height and design should be adjusted to suit the user.  Sedentary workers should have break at regular intervals  and stretch your body  and neck  in order to relieve neck and back muscles.

 Maintain correct sitting posture while working with computer in order to avoid neck and back pain.

 Children should not study in bed , get a table and chair.

It is an applied science of Ergonomics relating to human body .  It is about ease and comfort of human beings while designing equipments and work place environment.

People using vibrating power tools  should wear appropriate gloves and handles of tool should have built-in shock absorbers in order to minimise the risk of developing repetitive strain injuries and other occupational diseases.

People lifting weights repetitively at work should use appropriate tools and adopt suitable posture and take necessary precautions in order to maximise production and minimise discomfort stress and fatigue.