Dr Soni has been managing international patients from all over the world for quite few years now.

Our international service centre is focussed on ensuring supportive experience and will assist with airport pick-ups, meals, translator , billing any special needs.

E mail: ramkesoni@yahoo.co.uk |  Phone No.: 07898301750

You will get prompt response to any relevant queries.

Get an estimate. Patient Details:-
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Please send relevant and detailed medical history of the patient, medication taken, weight , Whether Diabetic, High Blood pressure , History of angina or any heart disease , Stroke and mobility status. Whether walking independently or with crutches or sticks etc.

Surgical History : History of any previous operations.
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There will be 20% surcharge levied for miscellaneous expenses .

Invitation letter for VISA.

Dr. Soni will arrange to send the letter as an e mail attachment , or by FAX so as to enable you to obtain VISA from Indian Embassy.

Class of admission

All foreign national patients are offered Deluxe room or above this category. One attendant or in some cases two attendants will be permitted to stay with patients.

Patient’s Health, well being, satisfaction and safety is our focus and will endeavour to provide highest level of world class care.

Orthocard: Free patient implant verification card to allow hassle free travel across airports.