Dr Ram Soni has performed 14000 arthroscopic surgeries of the knee, 3700 Total knee replacements and 3600 Total Hip Replacements in addition to general Orthopedic operations and fracture Surgery.

He has been Training Surgeons from all over the world in Joint replacement Surgery in UK. He has been providing Fellow ship training in Joint replacement Surgery to Orthopedic Surgeons from Asia, Far East middle east and Europe for last more then 15 years while working in UK.

He has in-depth broad based experience in knee arthrocopy surgery and must be one of the few surgeons in India who does joint preservation surgery of the knee.

He has done extensive research on Elbow replacement while working In Liverpool UK and has written a chapter on Elbow arthroplasty in a text book ( Campbell Operative Orthopedics) which is the main text book on operative Orthopedics and is read all over the world by Post graduate Orthopedic Students and practicing Orthopedic Surgeons.

Dr Soni work has been audited by Hospital and by Royal college of Surgeons of England and reported to have good success rate with hip and knee replacement. PROMS ( Patient Reported outcome measurement systems ) are favorable compared to other Orthopedic Surgeons in the world.

He has attended close to 96 international Orthopedic Conferences and seminars all over the world ( UK , USA, France , Germany , Austria , Italy , Ireland , Switzerland, Thailand , India ) . He has probably attended highest number of international conferences and seminars in comparison to any other Orthopedic Surgeon in India.
He has widely published many articles in international journals and has written a chapter in main text book of Orthopedics (Campbell operative Orthopedics ) on Elbow arthroplasty.

He also has particular expertise in Percutaneous release of Trigger finger , Trigger thumb and Duputrens contracture of finger release with a needle under Local anesthetics.

Dr Soni is one of the best joint replacement Surgeon when it comes to Total hip and total knee replacement surgery in India.

No Other Orthopedic Surgeon in India can claim so much experience and expertise with Direct Anterior Approach for Hip replacement Surgery. It is least invasive surgical approach with fastest post op recovery time.

I was recently invited in an international conference at Imperial college London in so called “The Great Debate” on hip and knee replacement arthroplasty on 18th and 19th of June 2015. My topic was “Direct anterior approach for total hip replacement Surgery”.

He is perhaps the most experienced Surgeon in India when it comes to Revision joint replacement Surgery with very latest technology and technique.

Dr. Soni is a member of “MEDIANGELS” worlds 350+ best superspecialist in Joint Replacement Surgery for Second opinion.  

He is amongst the world’s top 1% of the specialist in Joint Replacement Surgery