Children are not just small adults. They are not always able to say what is bothering them or answer any questions.

A growing child respond differently to injuries, infections, or impaired function or deformity than adults. Some times what is thought to be a problem by parents or relatives is just a normal variant and may resolve with growth with remodelling without specific treatment. However it advisable to consult the specialist.

Services provided:-

  1. Clubfoot: We will be providing club foot casting by Ponseti technique, and management of relapsed or Rigid club foot by soft tissue release operation. In adolescent and grown up adults with untreated club foot we will offer corrective surgery.
  2. Neonatal hip screening: We will be offering clinical examination and Dynamic ultrasound and further management by Harness , Plaster Spica or operation.
  3. Adolescent and young adults hip problem: For management of developmental dysplasia ( congenital dislocation of hip ) , Slipped upper femoral epiphysis, Perthes disease and post traumatic degenerative hip disease in young adults.
    Deformity correction. Using Elizrov or other external fixators and 8 plate epiphysiodesis For correcting angular deformity in growing age group children,
  4. Cerebral Palsy: We will offer Botulinum ( Botox) injections , soft tissue and bony operations to improve mobility gait in lower limb and functional deformity correction in case of upper limb involvement.
  5. Management of other Neuromuscular disorders.
  6. We will also offer comprehensive post -op rehabilitation and specialised physiotherapy.