“Two Foot Tall Teen”

Managed a girl as a senior consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Wockhardt hospitals Nagpur India who is in Guinness book of world records and Limca book of world records with chronic pseudoarthrosis of mid shaft right femur and left tibia.
Documentary shown in channel 4 in UK , National geographical channel and discovery channel and ABC channel in USA and all over the world on different dates but on Channel 4 in Uk on , Dated 11.6.2009 Time 9 Pm to 10P m “ two foot tall teen”.

Latest Activities

– Interview in All India Radio Bhopal on ” Arthritis and Knee Replacement” Programme called ” Ashirwad” at 1.45 Pm on 13.8.16.

– D. D. MP ( Door Darshan Madhya Pradesh) “Joint Pain and treatment of Arthritis of Knee” 6 to 6 .30 Pm on 27.9.16.